Our Story

Veldt is a collaboration formed in 2013 between LéAna, an artist, and Glen, an industrial designer to create art objects one can wear and feel, and keep close to the body. Objet d'art.

‘VELDT’ is an African word meaning high-desert grassland. The Marfa plateau reminds us of our high-veldt birthplace in mother Africa. Ancient raw, peaceful and minimal.

The sculptural work of artist Donald Judd and others also serve as constant inspiration in terms of form, materiality and concept.

Every VELDT piece is made with love, care and attention. 

We especially love re-thinking and re-imagining beautiful and magical materials.

Our porcelain clays are carefully sourced and hand formed, then are kiln-fired to over ~2400F to a non-porous, vitrified state. Unlike other ceramics, this transforms it into one of the most durable materials on earth and is silky-smooth to the touch- You’ll be forgiven for touching your porcelain constantly! It’s impervious to skin oils and almost everything else.

Similarly, our titanium is beautiful, indestructible and super light-weight.

We feel art objects accumulate meaning from the moment of creation, and then as they go forward with us on each of our journeys. Porcelain and titanium can easily last well over 1000 years. Think of all the memories!

Thank you so much for supporting our crazy little vision in Marfa, TX.
LéAna y Glen